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[RS #60] Rangers vs. Columbus Blue Jackets — the Remp Is Too Damn High

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2 minutes ago, The Dude said:

I hear ya, but I'm actually expecting an irresponsible pinch that results in a Miller goal. He's way overdue. It's up to 26 games and that's ridiculous. 

Hope your right n I'm wrong brother

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27 minutes ago, The Dude said:



I think there's a difference between "can't defend himself " and "isn't defending himself " 


I mean he obviously CAN fight. He's 2 and 1 in the NHL. He'd lose every time if he couldn't fight. 


This kid is raw. This is his first pro season. He's fresh out of Jrs.  He needs improvement on his skill.


I think saying he can't fight is a bit if a reach. He's 21. He needs work on something that can be fixed if it's deemed that he truly needs much if any fixing.


Tony Twist, Tie Domi and Joey Kocur fought with the same reckless abandon. I don't recall much defensive prowess in their skill. Some guys have their own style. I agree he needs some pointers, but it's not like he's terrible at fighting. The ability to stand in there and eat some punches is something that can't be taught. He's got that. 


With that said. Run with it. He's lightning in a bottle.  He may only be a flash in the pan. Ride it out and run it into the ground. Whatever he is. It's helping at the moment. 




Fighting back then wasn't the same as it is now. Rock 'em, sock 'em was the style. No one defended. You went full bore offense and went for explosive KOs. That's not how fighters fight anymore, which is why everyone was in such awe of the Rempe-Deslauriers fight. It was a throwback to how enforcers used to fight.


I'm not gonna get into a semantic argument about phrasing, though. All I'm saying is that if you can't defend yourself in a fight, which it's fair to question if Rempe can right now, that's worrisome and is something he needs to work on or be taught how to do if he's going to do this as part of his NHL career.

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1 minute ago, Kevin said:

Roslovic very noticeable out there.


Thought the same. If this is how he plays, and I'll admit, I watch very little of him, this is a guy I'd have interest in at the deadline.

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