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  1. I expect he will work on it all in the off season. The kids got the fire in his belly to compete. He is not on the beach having cocktails and posting selfies, he is training. BTW the class he was teaching on the ice was with a boxing club. I assume there is some reason he came in contact w the trainers there other than wanting to teach a class. Cant wait to see this kid next year w some big club experience under his belt and some off season polishing!
  2. Nice writeup. Kid looks promising https://nypost.com/2024/07/06/sports/rangers-prospect-postpones-pro-career-for-boston-college-sophomore-year/
  3. I think this may indicate they need AHL players in anticipation of guys getting elevated from Hartford to the big team.
  4. Fair enough. Not a huge fan of millers lack of physicality nor his decision making (pinching in particular). He's def got a good stick n good speed, no issue there for sure.
  5. No issue w the pick. See how the kid develops. Even if he is a big stay at home defensemen, we need that. My only misgiving is him saying he models his game after Miller. If that means he is big but doesn't use his size in a physical fashion....well I won't be thrilled. The US Dev program has been good to us. Hopefully in 3-4 years we've got a winner.
  6. Pretty sure thats me based on the description
  7. In my opinion it doesn't matter he's a square peg being plugged into a round hole n taking the roster spot of a round peg.
  8. Move him, we need a physically imposing checking line #3. We don't get that w Chytil in the mix unfortunately. I like the player but there is no fit w the NMCs etc. Time to move on.
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