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  1. Game 1 was pretty nasty. Lots of har hitting. Hopefully they beat the shit out of each other and it takes a player or 2 out of their play off run.
  2. "Home ice advantage " It just doesn't work that way for NY. Wilson is gonna Wilson and every bullshit call will be called on the Rangers.
  3. Mike Gartner for trivia Goodrow 2 goals Panarin bodyslams Wilson Kakko has a goal Panarin line each get a goal Zibanejad finishes with 1 SOG. Roslovic is benched Rempe fights entire Washington team at once...... And wins Charlie Lindgren is Swiss cheese and gets chased in the 1st
  4. With Sorokin taking a back seat for this run, I wonder if there will be any ill will over the summer.
  5. OK so they were together for a majority of the time. Let's say almost 3/4? Tro was away from Panarin for like 1/6 of last season You're splitting hairs here. These players were together for very long periods of time. That's the gist of what I'm saying. That 20/93 combination is an ongoing thing for atleast 3 straight seasons. Sure. It was broken up here and there. It's back again and it is always back again. Yes, GG would have moved Lafrenière off that line in a slump. Most coaches would. I don't think this is a bad thing. That's some slump. As was Miller's major slump. Any coach would make a change there. I don't know why this is exclusive to GG. I'll agree all day that GG had a short leash with kids. But let's not forget that he DID give Lafrenière chances. Lafrenière played RW in the top 6, last season too. I don't remember if it was with Panarin or Zibanejad. I believe it was Panarin. GG tried Kakko with Panarin. Chytil with Panarin. Chytil was getting more and more opportunities as time went on and trust was earned. Why is it left out that he gave Miller a top 4 job and got the best production out of him? Gave Schneider the spot over Nemeth, Hajek and others. Played Jones more than Laviolette did? I'm not sure what any other coach would do with these players besides give them more rope. GGs bigger issue was barely any practice and not giving the team a system to fall back on. That's where GG failed along with not being able to make adjustments to the gameplan. GG did a lot wrong. I wouldn't say line shuffling (to break players skids) was his worst trait. His patience in keeping said switch was a problem. It's been a pattern with whomever the coach is. It's typically just a rotation of top 6 RWs, and a spot to plant the kids that weren't taking those RW spots until one did. And here we are. Still needing a RW or 2 if you're not sold on Kakko. The Rangers shuffled RW 1 and the entire 3rd and 4th lines this year. It has to be done if it's not working. I'm not even sold that this current incarnation of line 3 is even any good.
  6. What a boring watch, with a bunch of safe talk. Was hoping for a lot of trash talking and hate thrown around. They didn't discuss the time Scott Stevens was offer sheeted. They didn't talk enough about the Rangers situation with Messier. The Harrison Ford stuff was just stupid. Congrats ESPN. You sucked again.
  7. Just a little complaint about one of the knocks on GG. The talk about shuffling the lines and no continuity. Has Kreider not been stapled to Zibanejad for years? Was Strome not with Panarin 95% of his stay here? Trocheck too? Kid line? The D pairings were the exact same pairings up until 2 weeks ago. Sure GG would shuffle RWs and the 3rd/kid line. But that's kinda because they had little to insert at RW. Dryden Hunt? Kravtsov? Kakko? Blais? Then when given an extra piece that threw off any balance (Kane) and had the core waiting for their savior to do everything, they died. I hope one day, we get to hear what Drury and Gallant were arguing about in game.
  8. I mean, have you seen the comparison in playoff production? Wheeler has good numbers (45 points in 65 games). Roslovic. Not so much. Like at all. As in no goals 5 assists in 20 games.
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