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  1. If he does that, he won't play here again because the season will be over and he's gonna sign with Utah.
  2. Lindgren is struggling because Fox can't carry his weight (for whatever reason). Giving him a bigger anchor isn't the answer. They're stuck with what they got unless they decide to scratch Trouba or Gus or both - but the options on the other side aren't great either.
  3. I get it, but it's an example of a high profile hockey guy who seemingly had it all but also "enjoyed recreational drugs intermittently." There are obviously people far worse off than the millionaire stud with a coke problem. But they're living a dangerous life and the league, his team, and his peers have a valid concern here.
  4. All fun and games until he runs into some coke cut with fentanyl. Just ask Kevin Hayes how he feels about that.
  5. This is absolutely right. Your best players have to be your best players. It's great to see Cuylle, Roslovic, or Schneider have a great game here and there - and by all means, they need to chip in. But night-in, night-out, your top dogs getting top minutes need to have a positive impact. There's no way to have playoff success without that.
  6. I think he's just trying to spark the team, get a different look. Teams play a little different in front of different goaltenders.
  7. He helps create that 2nd goal with the cut to the middle, taking a defender with him - just because Fox made a great play, doesn't mean Panarin shouldn't get any credit. He also cut to the middle of the ice later in the game and got a good shot off in the high slot. He's producing and he's doing the right things.
  8. Oilers in 4. Canucks are banged up, not playing super well, and have like their janitor playing in net.
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