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Rangers Taking Calls on Kaapo Kakko

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1 hour ago, JJ in VA said:

This is like Laffy all over again.   #1 overall is a bust, blah blah blah.    Now Laffy is just starting to hum and its year four.

#2 overall, gotta trade him.  Slow the roll dudes.  KK will be fine if you continue to coach him up and let him grow.


It's only been since 1994, what's the fargin hurry right !


Personally, I like KK and think he will be a star.   Once again, I look at this team and see tremendous upside.  Plus, I think we can win now with just a few tweaks.   





Laf was one of the Rangers leading 5v5 scorers for whatever reason.  It's not the same thing.  Kakko was bad for a few years and then last season he suddenly clicked as a good 3rd liner.  It appears that he's on that same pace this year, albeit he had the injury and a bad start before that.


Last year I thought Laf was ready for a breakout and it never really happened but you could feel the possibility there.  This year he is making up for some of the disappointments and he looks better than he is at least in terms of boxcar stats.


Kakko is a pretty good 3rd liner.

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I have been making a point of watching Kakko the last couple of games and after last night I have come to the decision that I don't want him traded unless we get blown out the door with what we get for him!


Five on five as we are now is not good enough!

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