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  1. And you just know that his mom still wants him to be a doctor.
  2. The real question is whether Zibanejad would turn the dress over to the special prosecutor?
  3. All I'm saying is that short the suspensions it is completely unclear that Nichushkin's addiction (whatever it is) is harmful to anybody but himself. In that light it's unclear whether or not suspensions are the appropriate response. The thing that I find interesting is that many of the professional suspension protocols ban alcohol use once a player is placed in the protocol for other offenses. Those protocols clearly are designed to get the player back on the straight and narrow by banning activities that are not illegal in any way until the protocol has been activated. My take is that society should impose the proper penalties for actions and once this is done then the professional sports leagues should react to those sanctions in whatever way is appropriate. If Nichushkin gets arrested for public intoxication, DUI, possession with intent to distribute or any of the other myriad offenses that society regulates then there is a call to action for appropriate suspensions. The NHL (and other sports leagues) should not be testing for drugs or other non-performance-based substances. Testing for performance improving drugs makes sense but there should be a clear understanding that those are all that are being tested for. Again, if a player (or other personnel) forces the issue by breaking the law and getting caught or by becoming a public advocate for risky behavior then things should change. It's just insane that a player can get blind drunk at home without consequences other than the mother of all hangovers but if they use recreational drugs they risk their ability to play professionally.
  4. Kreider definitely does not wear a blue dress.
  5. First goal wins the series unless the Panthers score. The Rangers always come back.
  6. The big question is whether his addiction is harmful to anybody else or just to himself. We talk a lot about role models in sports however that era is long gone. It may have been gone as long ago as When Joe DiMaggio retired. Mickey Mantle and the Yankees alongside and after him were definitely not role models in terms of how they behaved. Ball Four blew that cover and it has never been put back on. The War on Drugs is a Nixon creation, reinforced by Reagan and it has cost us a tremendous amount of capital over the generations while destabilizing our southern neighbors and generally reducing our security levels overall.
  7. Pretty sure that's Connecticut and he's wearing headphones... Might be Hudson Valley somewhere.
  8. Yeah I am very happy with the better part of a week off. The Canes series was really tough on my nerves because all the games were very tight into the 3rd period and all that OT.
  9. Rempe has more of an effect on the Rangers than he does on the other team. Everybody likes having the big dog on their side in a game.
  10. Rousing success in '79 but not ultimate success.
  11. JD's always been exuberant, as a goalie, as a commentator and as a GM. That's his biggest strength, he believes. I think he was too close to the Rangers to be successful here over the long-term. Less pressure wherever else he is.
  12. 4 straight series the Rangers have won at least the first 2 games. 21-22 TBL, 22-23 Devils, 23-24 Caps and Canes.
  13. I'm not sure the War on Drugs should be fought at the professional sports level. I get that some of the behavior is egregious however I'm not sure that doing drugs in and of itself is egregious behavior.
  14. That was the laziest hat trick evar!!!
  15. The day he got sick was probably the beginning of the flu for the team.
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