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  1. Did the Rangers give up on Nedved too soon? He had only played less than a full season before they traded him in 1995.
  2. Rangers probably would have still won in 1994. - Messier and Lindros down the middle would have been unbeatable - The Rangers still would have gotten Kevin Lowe. - The Rangers still would have traded Darren Turcotte and James Patrick for Steve Larmer. - The Rangers probably still would have gotten Esa Tikkanen. - The Rangers probably still could have traded Mike Gartner to get Matteau and Noonan.
  3. Could the Rangers have raised their offer to prevent a match?
  4. No need for one. I just wanted to see how the rules of RFA work?
  5. The Avs matched the Rangers' offer for Sakic in 1997. Could Sakic still have gone to the Rangers or was he obligated to stay with the Avs?
  6. Doesn't matter. Sakic or no Sakic, NYR still would have missed the playoffs.
  7. In addition to Hlavac, Brendl, and Johnsson, didn't Craig Patrick want Dvorak and Mike York too?
  8. So he could have used one of the 3 as a winger. LIke I said, he should have done both -- Re-sgn Mess -- Sign Sakic.
  9. What package was Slats offering the Pens to get Jagr in 2001?
  10. Had Eric Lindros gone to NYR in 1992, how would Neil Smith, Mike Keenan, Roger Neilson, and the players have dealt with his parents?
  11. You should read these -- 1) https://www.nytimes.com/1997/07/31/sports/in-signing-messier-canucks-persistence-paid-off.html?searchResultPosition=2 2) https://www.nytimes.com/1997/07/29/sports/a-bad-feeling-chases-messier-out-of-new-york.html?searchResultPosition=3
  12. Nah. They still would have missed the playoffs. The team was so upset over the exile of Messier.
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