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[SPOILER] Game of Thrones Discussion


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Yeah, really don't get why the cut the Tysha talk. That was the last thing Tyrion needed to become a kinslayer, projecting his love for her onto Shae doesn't fit that well.

I guess we don't get him asking "Where do whores go?" ?


Zombie Cat would have been great, but I guess we need one of these shocker moments for early 5th season, as we now jump into the dry parts of the series. Even if we combine AFFC and ADWD.

Cersei messing up King's Landing in Feast was more entertaining to me, than Dany and Jon sitting on their asses in Dance, both is rather dry content though.


I forgot to add that too. That's just unforgivable.

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Unfortunately for Fairley, and for the fans, it looks like Catelyn Stark is staying where she is: six feet under. Fairley spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the omission of her character in the finale of Season 4 and all but confirmed she won't be returning to the fantasy series.


"Yeah, the character?s dead. She?s dead," Fairley said. The actress went on to defend the option to leave out her character's arc in Season 4.




So... why is Brienne still alive then?

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"Yeah, the character’s dead. She’s dead," Fairley said.


I'm still having hope that she meant this in a totally different way to give the show watchers a twist.


Lady Stoneheart really is dead...maybe that's what she meant.


We'll see when we check IMDB next season and whether or not Michelle is listed as a character in the episode or not.

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There are no current plans to include Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) and Hodor (Kristian Nairn) in season 5 of the HBO fantasy hit.


The move ditches Bran and Hodor now that they?ve reached Bran?s three-eyed crow mentor, which is nearly as far as the characters have progressed in George R.R. Martin?s novels. For the fifth season of the series, producers are going to a new Westeros country ? Dorne, which will be shot in Spain ? and adding some new characters. Leaving behind Bran will give the show more time to spend with the new characters, and some time for the other storylines to catch up to Bran?s (as well as for Martin potentially to release his next book in the saga, The Winds of Winter).



So I guess this means that they are staying true to the chronological order of AFFC and ADWD.

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I mean, what choice do they have? They progressed Bran's story well ahead of the time frame in the books.


I suspect they did that because the actor is aging too rapidly to hold off until the natural chronology. He was already looking older than he should be with the rush job.

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Can't remember lol, has been too long, but good point. Would give a nice reason for the reactions redbeard showed us. (yeah I too forget names, burn me :P)


I always mix up their names. Sticks and stones, or some shit like that. Bone breaker. Jaw crusher. Rat fucker. Whatever his name is.


VF seems to think he's been killed off in the spirit of "efficiency" though:


So why did Dan Weiss and David Benioff decide to bump off Mance on the show? Well, for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s pretty clear that the mission statement of this season is “efficiency.” I’m a huge fan of the books, but if you’ll forgive me for saying so, Martin’s fourth and and fifth novels could have used a lot of editing. That’s essentially what Weiss and Benioff are doing here. They’ve obviously gotten rid of the whole plot with Mance Rayder’s baby (so, apparently, that book story line doesn’t pay off in a significant way), and without that plot there isn’t a real reason to keep Mance around.


Except, of course, for the part about him training Jon. That relationship is actually pretty lovely in the books. But it hasn’t been translating very well on screen, has it? That’s no fault of Hinds, who is a brilliant actor. But those long scenes with Mance and Jon in various snowy tents haven’t really been landing. Their scene in the cell delivered tonight, though, and that’s because their conversation had very real stakes. But, more importantly, the way Jon treated Mance here, and the leadership he showed in stepping up and firing that mortal arrow, went a long way towards rehabilitating a character that has never come across as well onscreen as it did in the books.



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Good episode last night, pretty telling depending on how you believe the show will progress.


Jon refusing to accept the Stark name and Varys bringing Tyrion to Mereen - and inevitably Dany - basically confirms the theories that both Jon and Tyrion (moreso than Jon) are Targaryens, unless Aegon truly did escape the Baratheon slaughter and will be introduced at some point.

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Maybe, but the Maester voting after all other votes were already counted and the race tied was unnecessary imo.

Coupled with Jon declining to take the stark name, it shows him aligning with a Targaryen, supporting the idea that he's not Ned Stark's bastard, but Lyanna's. It was hugely necessary lol


It's dramatic effect, yea, but it is also heavy foreshadowing.

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