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[RS #61] Rangers at Toronto Maple Leafs — Changing of the Guard Dog

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1 hour ago, siddious said:

Fun shoot out. Not much to complain about from me tonight. Sometimes you just don’t win.

Max Domi on Matt Rempe after the heavyweight fight with Ryan Reaves: “Respect to that kid. He’s a tough dude.” #Leafs #NYR

10:30 PM · Mar 2, 2024




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Leafs got 2 lucky goals.  Gustafsson deflected one in and the other went in off of Tavares.   Rangers should’ve won this game 2-1 in regulation.  Not sure how that’s a bad effort playing in Toronto on hockey night in Canada.  

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That was one hell of a game and fun to watch. Didn't win but got a point in Toronto, so nothing to complain about.  Great hit by Rempe and then standing up to Reaves and holding his own with a busted up face was impressive. Good for him. Next game is going to be even tougher.   

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1 hour ago, RJWantsTheCup said:

Leafs got 2 lucky goals.  Gustafsson deflected one in and the other went in off of Tavares.   Rangers should’ve won this game 2-1 in regulation.  Not sure how that’s a bad effort playing in Toronto on hockey night in Canada.  



Not sure how that's a bad effort?


Zibanejad had 1 SOG in the game.  Kakko? None

Miller? None

Gustafsson? None


One line took it to the Leafs and they almost pulled it off.


Line 3 is just as invisible as line...2 now. The D was horrible all around. 

The Rangers should have won 4-1! They should have gotten better efforts from their top players.


This game shouldn't have been this close. 20/93/24 - 79  were no shows in a game that should have been right up their alley against a pretty soft team. 


One line team with a goalie and an elite offensive Dman. That's not going far into the playoffs. 


Some of us thought that these other players would put it together and make the team much more dangerous. It hasn’t worked. Down year or not. It's not good for the now. 

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Watched this one on dvr and finished a short time ago. Really good game by the first line. 20-93-24 just more of the same, not nearly good enough.


Good goalie battle two goals we gave up we had a couple chances to get the puck out, ran into each other and failed miserably clearing the zone which cost us two. 


Great job on battling back and tying it late! To come back a steal a point with the goalie pulled. 


Once Rempe trucked the guy early on and he left the game it was just a matter of time before Reaves made the serious there's no option here push. Interesting to see Rempe look over to the bench before agreeing. He definitely showed a little more strategy by holding Reaves away more than his other fights. The jabs helped a little in the beginning. I thought he did well overall in what I thought was a pretty even fight. As the fight went on I think is went more Reaves way, Maloney at one point saying he's starting to take more damage now. He also seemed the more willing to stop it. Overall a pretty solid go against a guy with all the experience in the world but who we've also been saying for over two years he's got nothing at this stage of his career. Glad it wasn't staged at all. 


Couldn't tell if he had left his feet or not on the trucking. Just something he's got to be aware of because at his size he can most assuredly keep his feet on the ground. 


I think we're seeing more confirmation as we get to the TDL we definitely need that 1RW and 3C without them it's a huge problem. If they get them without giving up guys currently in the lineup it will be interesting to see which two come out. Not sure it's a given either tower would start in a playoff lineup if there's no injuries. Time will tell, but let's get to the TDL ASAP. 


Gritty point with a one line team on offense. 

Edited by Scott
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It was worth staying in to watch this whole shootin' match last night! 

I thought it was a really entertaining game; You had the inevitable Rempire strike back & do a fairly good job handling one of the strongest and toughest guys in the league, and then yet more last minute heroics from "Luigi", to grab a point in a very tough city.

I still just can't look at Tavares without wanting to smash him with the blunt end of an axe!

 ...and here are the Top 17 nominees for last night's “Ozzy Quote of the GDT”, sponsored by Joe Michelletti, who was out getting laid with hookers and blow!  Credit @LindG1000 G-Man with the correct answer!



14 hours ago, LindG1000 said:

Hookers and blow for Trivia?


14 hours ago, mbob said:

They are calling it evenly in Toronto? What’s the catch? 


13 hours ago, siddious said:

Game sucks so far nothing to make fun of


13 hours ago, Kevin said:

Lindgren looking a little like Quasimodo with his eyes.


13 hours ago, siddious said:

Was the trivia question where is Joe Michelleti?


because I’m going with the toilet with diarrhea 


13 hours ago, VegasRanger said:

I'm going with he got a BJ and is trying to wash the taste out of his mouth


13 hours ago, Kevin said:

Rempe’s speed might be ok but his skating is tough to watch. Looks like a baby giraffe.


13 hours ago, siddious said:

What a god awful sequence of hot potato. Get the fucking puck out


13 hours ago, Keirik said:

I'm not sure wtf jersey Mikes is doing but no one in the history of tri staters ever saw that commercial with Danny Devito and thought "man I want one of those hero's now."


13 hours ago, Cash or Czech said:

Damn Rempe. I think you just killed a guy. May want to lay low for a while. Maybe stay with a cousin or something while this all blows over 


12 hours ago, jsm7302 said:

Everytime Matthews touches the puck I clench like a fart is coming and I'm not sure if I should trust it or not....


12 hours ago, The Dude said:

Boyles suit looks 3 sizes too small. Or is that a new style? 


12 hours ago, RodrigueGabriel said:

God sometimes Kreider looks like he's just drugged.


12 hours ago, LindG1000 said:

Yeah, absolutely. Let's take apart a Ferrari, throw away the assembly instructions, and roll out two Chevy Novas.


12 hours ago, LindG1000 said:

Also, for those of you who also doubted Luigi when we signed him, I've got a phenomenal crow recipe. I've tried it.


11 hours ago, LindG1000 said:

That left post is up there with Adam Henrique on the list of things that screw the Rangers.


11 hours ago, Vodka Drunkenski said:

I’m only here for Oz’s quote of the thread, if I don’t win it, I’ll shove Kreiders stick up his ass


Some great stuff from Laff tonight!  We had a few chances to win this one, but it just didn't fall our way. 

Time to address the 20,000 pound elephant in the room though;  Maybe it's just me, but for fuck sake...PLEASE for the love of Jesus, can we learn how to get the puck out of our own zone???

This has been a problem for a while, where we chase it around, and it looks like we're trying to catch a fucking mouse under our hat!  They had pucks on their sticks and an chance to exit, and yet we still found a way to cough it up and get caught for long shifts, that run the team outta gas!

I really think we gotta clean that shit up once and for good before the playoffs.

Anyway....the winning quotes for tonight’s GDT goes to the @LindG1000 G-Man, who basically peppered the thread with the authority of a Rempe check into the glass!  Christ, he pounded that guy!  ..Left his feet too, but we didn't see that!  😉

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