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2018 NHL Entry Draft – Movin' On Up into the Top-Five – Live Discussion

Drew a Penalty

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Yeah, and Dahlin is potentially an AHL defender, and Svechnikov is potentially a fourth-line grinder.


The likelihood of this happening is extremely low, however. Just like your projections on Kravtsov and Miller.


Kravtsov could very well be Kuznetsov. That's not elite?


? Big difference between the top two picks and their ceiling and what I suggested were the bottoms of who the Rangers picked.


I'd say the top two picks are safe because they are as close to sure things as they get. If you're saying Kravtsov is a sure fire 1st liner, then ok. My opinion is only on what is available to me. I didn't watch him. I'm guessing you did?


Maybe a post about what you know about him from what you've seen and read would be more appropriate than continuing to wise crack? Get to your point. Contribute what YOU know.

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Another D man?


Are they getting Tavares or something? Why aren't they picking forwards? Unless these are BPA's? Id like to comment, but....


Right now, if you can find a guy who can play in the NHL, take him


Position doesn't matter once you hit the 3rd

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