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The Fedora: Get With it, Haters!


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Kid needs to stand still, making me motion sick.





But if the internet has taught me anything, it is that the best way to combat trolling is to make a youtube video where I clearly express how much the trolling is getting to me.


Its sad that it has to get to this point, this is the type of kid that ends up doing something rash because of a bunch of people he has never met before are trolling him for no other reason that they are bored or they themselves have the same self image problems.

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I'll admit, Ive watched this 3 times now for a laugh. I'd like to see what people were posting towards him to get so fired up.


I think my favorite part is when he said "your keyboards probably aren't even mechanical." I didn't realize it was frowned upon to not have a mechanical keyboard and that it was something to burn some over. Hope this poor kid hasn't killed himself.

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