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  1. Not a great sign when a highlight they show for a 1OA is a gifted neutral zone turnover that didnt lead to a goal again Latvia lol
  2. Thanks man. The transplant part was not too bad, i would be fully back if just that. I got a nasty brain injury directly after which made recovery so much longer. Im finally walking with no help tho really appreciate the well wishes
  3. Transplant kicked my ass, just now getting my motor function back from December surgery. Amandas been my hero thru this
  4. Im a Sales Director at a fintech company and ive done AM
  5. Thanks! Yea a lifetime of immunosuppressants is definitely not ideal but way better than dealing with the ups and downs from day to dat y that come with a non functioning organ. I’d be curious to hear about time it took to feel back to their old self pre diagnosis. I know everyones different but it would be great to know if its months or years
  6. Thanks guys. Got a super strong support system over here and am with great doctors, so I’ll definitely be good
  7. Hey all, was wondering if anyone in here has had a major organ transplant as it would be good to speak to someone who’s gone through something I’m about to go through. Last August I developed blood clots in my liver central vein that essentially killed it with no hope of it recovering. Been managing with a lot of meds and doctors visits since then but It’s looking like I’m moving up the list and can be getting a new liver sometime within the next 6 months so yea if anyone has gone through something similar I would love to chat about recovery and life after transplant.
  8. Josh has disappeared for over a year multiple times
  9. Need to move to Chicago lol. I'm here banging my head against the wall trying to find a non shoebox 2br for around 1.2
  10. This is like every episode of house hunters where the person has an impossible and contradictory list of demands lol
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