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  1. The rep is great and all but I feel like I should Venmo you for that gem!! Gotta love it; Thank you!!
  2. Honestly, and it's been said before....neither of these teams scare me, at all honestly; I feel like Carolina was the hardest out of the bunch. Boston was only towards the top of the conference due to loser points in OT. Florida is good but not incredible. Bring on the next challenge; after facing adversity for a couple games, these boys are riding high and ready for whatever may come!!!
  3. Dude....Wennberg has been terrible. Non contributing, coughing up pucks. I'm not a fan.
  4. They need him to match up against Bennett (assuming Florida does what everyone expects).
  5. I didn't know they had viewing parties at the Garden. I would def go to that (assuming it's way cheaper than tickets to a game).
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