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Ballsy Predictions - First Overall Seed in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Edition

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39 minutes ago, Blue Heaven said:

I'll do the same ballsy prediction that I had for the season

Shesterkin will score more goals, than Aaron Rodgers had completed passes 

fuck it!!  me too


Shesterkin with 13 shutouts

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12 minutes ago, Albatrosss said:

why is it that you want to get every man drunk?


I never drink alone, Simon!!   ...and my wingmen all have little kids now!!  😃


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34 minutes ago, BrooksBurner said:

Panarin 6 points in 10 games

Wow!  You really are a buzz kill.   Maybe that crown you wear should be removed.     

Panarin: 30 points in 16 games.

Post that Larry !

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