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Ballsy Predictions - First Overall Seed in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Edition

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We don't know who our opponent will be. It might be the fuckin Caps. It might be the fuckin Pens. It might be the fuckin Wings. It might be the fuckin Flyers (okay, it's probably not the Flyers), but we know that no matter who we face and in what series, we get four home games and they're going to be the "fuckin whatevers"


We're back. Ballsy Predictions, 2024 edition, which brought you such classics as...


Actually. fuck this bit. I looked back at the thread from last year, and I'm not bringing ANYTHING from that tire fire of a series back into the world. Some things need to stay where they are after you crack them over the head with a shovel and bury them deep in your soul. 



  1. ONE PREDICTION about this New York Rangers team for the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 
  2. You may not steal anyone else's prediction. If it's out there, it's out there.
  3. All predictions must be made before the puck drops in game one.


Have at it, folks.

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10 hours ago, Karan said:

Adam Fox emulates Brian Leetch by putting up 30+ points en route to winning the Conn Smythe.


1 hour ago, LindG1000 said:

Will Cuylle becomes this generation's Stephane Matteau with two OT goals in the playoffs, including a series clincher.


3 hours ago, torontonyr said:

Rempe becomes an unstoppable force in the playoffs once the whistles are out away 


7 hours ago, VegasRanger said:

After being invisible lately, Mika gets a hat trick in game 1


10 hours ago, jsm7302 said:

Bread makes full redemption and continues his torrid pace through the playoffs; 16 goals for him in the post season.


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10 minutes ago, Phil said:

Rangers sweep RD1. I said what I said.

erection GIF

I will only be posting in gifs that truly portray my level of excitement from now through the playoffs


Also as a general message to the board, we may have our fights in the political threads and such, but as a pre-emptive message before we inevitably win the cup I wanna tell you all I love you and you are all Adonoises 

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16 minutes ago, Phil said:

Rangers sweep RD1. I said what I said.


Damn, what tailor do you use to get your pants made? Cause regular store bought pants simply couldn't contain them sizeable balls 😛

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