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  1. Edmonton not only won this game but wiped the floor with Vancouver. Around 12 shots total in the third period for a team losing. All the momentum going into game 7. Who knows what will happen but Vancouver needs to win for our 1994 karma to continue
  2. Need more proof this is the year? Listen to the vastly superior sports net call here. It should sound familiar. There is no way he could intentionally have remembered that the same words were uttered after Messier scored his: ”DO YOU BELIEVE IT”
  3. I will not do it for the rest of the run
  4. Wheeler might come in for that series too. He’s big and has skill, the lack of speed will not hurt that series.
  5. Yes, Rempe is who you want against both Florida and Boston. He will play again. Brodzinski not being good has made it an easy decision.
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