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[RS] (#80) Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers — Mika 5-goal Game Incoming

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Just now, RJWantsTheCup said:

For anyone curious the Rangers are 6-4 in games that Rempe hasn’t played since he played his first game against the Islanders.  

You read that wrong. 6’4” is actually his height 

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1 hour ago, RJWantsTheCup said:

Without a doubt he’s a matchup guy but the last 3 teams are gritty teams.  If that isn’t the matchup he’s here for then why is he here?

Are the Flyers a gritty team right now?

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Big FUCK YOU to MSG. This time of year,stuck in the office and can't watch until after 4/15. Knicks bump Rangers to 1050, which is pretty much 2 tin cans and string. You would think the Rangers' app would give you a  good stream, but MSG, as they did Tuesday on the Rangers' app has ESPN 98.7 carrying.... the Knicks broadcast. Also Tuesday night cut  Rangers broadcast short for ...tennis for God knows where  while MSG the Ocho  carried a full Isles psotgame for another half hour. 


They have the best team in the NHL and habitually treat their fans like shit. Not bad enough we have 2 announcers rooting for the other team when they're not making a mess of the call. Can't even listen. 

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7 minutes ago, RJWantsTheCup said:

 Not as gritty as past Flyers teams but they have one of the dirtier players in the game in Hathaway.  

He's not a heavyweight. There are players on the team who can handle him.

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1 minute ago, The Dude said:

Sam laying down a perfect foundation for a big let down game, by mentioning Phillys woes. 

I hate when announcers do that. Quite often the kiss of death

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