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Sean Avery Being Sean Avery


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5 hours ago, Blue Heaven said:

Sean Avery is back.......on the ice since he threw his skates in the Hudson River




I believe I discussed this in a thread here. He talks about it on his Podcast which is on Spotify.  He saying he's thinking of making a comeback.  Episode entitled  "the fix is in". Beware if you are very liberal politically, you won't like his takes and should probably skip to about 13:54 or so, where he starts a long story about buying equipment and shit talking.  Being Avery...

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1 hour ago, siddious said:

He looks awful lol


also his podcast is really hard to listen to. A lot of hot takes and very random ones too. 

Does he have guests now? When he started, it was just him...for over an hour...and it was hot garbage then. 

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LOL people actually think he's planning a return to the NHL....Dude will be 42 years old, and hasnt skated in an AHL/NHL game in 10 years.  


My best guess is that:

A) he's doing this to get people to talk about him making a comeback

B) more realistically, he's got a kid that he's gonna put on skates soon, and he'll skate with him. 

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40 minutes ago, Dunny said:


It's a little tough after that kind of hiatus. I've just been back on the ice regularly this year, after an even longer hiatus. I feel like a baby deer.

"Am I doing this right?? Why do skates on ice feel so weird?!?" 


I've had 2 looong layoffs, and my first time back on ice felt like how he looked. 

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