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  1. @Dunny Have you heard of a Junior league in Northern Canada called the NJHL? And if so, what do you know about it
  2. I remember Nedved playing in Seattle and my buddies telling me a kim. Nedved was 17 when he had to defect and leave his family. Moore was 33, had attended Harvard, and had 10 years in the NHL before his wife got cancer. hard to compare the two stages of their lives. And as mentioned earlier, Messier wouldn’t have had a clue as to real world struggle.
  3. Pretty much about the right fit. - schedule - location - and coach is a biggie
  4. Or just grow. Ages 15 and up, things change so quickly. The kid who got a summer job comes in 10x more mature and ready than the kid eating Pringles all summer and only activity is hockey camps
  5. So, when is everyone else doing tryouts? It seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year. I have high school kids who just finished AAA tryouts in Michigan (Little Ceasers and Victory Honda). And girlfriends son (2010 birth year) just finished his USA district camp thing and has tryouts for AAA next week. Makes no sense to me
  6. That specific tournament was u16/u18 AAA Id guess the bulk of those players are ending up in the CHL or USHL
  7. I think those are are just u16/u18 youth hockey teams. Not affiliated with the USHL
  8. USHL will be fine, it’s a league run as well if not better than most CHL programs. And still made up of 90% Americans. It’s the NAHL that gets crushed, along with maybe BCHL and AJHL.
  9. It’s going to be huge for the NCAA i wonder if a CHL player could leave early at age 19-20? Would allow that player the next step before professional hockey.
  10. Gomez was poor as hell. Alaska is a little closer to Canada regarding available ice, outdoor ice, etc. biggest difference is it’s expensive to get our AAA team outside.
  11. I’m not a big fan of spring or summer hockey, but that’s good bang for your buck
  12. When I think of AAA, i think of Shattucks, Little Ceasers, Compuware, Victory Honda, Pittsburgh, LA Jr Kings, etc. There is so much “AAA” now it’s watered down
  13. Th difference between our AAA, AA, and Tier 3 is somewhat minimal. About the same amount of ice, I’d say AAA spends out to get more full sheets, plus the travel outside from alaska is expensive. thay being said, we only have one AAA team in the state for each age group, and season costs are around 3500 per season (60-70 games, 4 tourneys outside), etc. mainly due to corporate sponsors. Our AA is actually more expensive.
  14. NCAA has definitely improved exponentially the last 20 years. 1- explosion of USA hockey 2- more top prospects going the way of USHL and NCAA vs CHL
  15. Meals lodging and books also. But those 18 scholarships are spread amongst 26 players or so. So 2-3 get scholarships due to academics (a work around) and depending on school, freshman sometimes split scholarships. So 3-4 may be on 60% scholarships
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