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Who Do You Like Tonight?

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1 minute ago, BlairBettsBlocksEverything said:



yeah im beating myself up for not betting the yotes last night. Ive cashed 3 times this month on them already

Sometimes it feels like the oddsmakers are not paying close enough attention to the NHL, or that they don't care about recent trends. Yotes is 7-3-0 in the last 10 - beaten Col, TOR, Boston, won 9-2 vs Detroit and were still big underdogs vs Montreal.


They obviously know more than I do, but there's no easy games in the NHL, so when I see one team have 3.70+ I almost have to bet them lol. Needs to bet them alone tho, or in a double.

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On 3/24/2022 at 3:08 PM, BlairBettsBlocksEverything said:

Last night had a 3 leg parlay





aaaaand. Leafs....puckline


Leafs couldn't get the empty netter to win me the parlay. I got greedy

Lol I had Kings (the day before), Hawks, Buffalo and Toronto -1. Buffalo was fulltime and Toronto -1, so both missed, but was two goals away from a really nice payout.


I'm gonna go for Rangers -1 again tonight. I dont usually feel confident against Pens, but believe the team really wants to revenge that nasty loss to the Devils. Wouldn't surprise me to see the game go to OT tho.

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5 hours ago, Morphinity said:

Took Over 6.5 (+100) for tonight's Rangers game because a) Georgiev b) Red Wings c) Rangers back-to-back and d) Red Wings.


Let's see how this goes. 

same. I figure any game Georgiev is in the over is worth it


missed last night. Had the under in our game but parlayed it with a teased up to under 6.5 in the tampa carolina game and that ended up 4-3 so i lost that one.

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2 hours ago, BlairBettsBlocksEverything said:

Needed the stars isles game over 5.5 last night. Bet they, plays a 4 leg parlay. Hit the other 3. That game was 2-2 30 seconds into the 2nd, 3-2 halfway through the 2nd. Thinking it’s a sure thing…..fucking ends 3-2. Fuck the islanders. 

I had Rangers -1 with Toronto FT. They were up 5-1 halfway through the 2nd 🙂 Florida scored a shorthanded goal from the blueline to make it 5-3 with a few minutes left in the 2nd, I just knew they were gonna blow it after that bs goal.

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16 minutes ago, Morphinity said:

I also had a bit on the Leafs last night... Fucking unbelievable. 

Never gonna bet on those chokers again lol.


I had to parlays yesterday. The other was Atletico +1.5, Benfica +1.5 and Rangers ML. Benfica lost 1-3 with a goal in the 89th minute...


Safe to say yesterday was not my day

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I have a longshot that I find interesting:

UFC on Saturday - The odds for Burns win (right now) is 5, which for me is a bit insane.
Chimaev is really good and has ran through every opponent so far, but he's still yet to fight a top 10 contender and now he's facing arguably the #1 contender in the division. He's 4-0 in the UFC (all first round finishes), but the it's all been against questionable opponents.


Since 2019 Burns is 6-1 with the only loss coming against the Champion Usman. Got a few noteworthy wins against former champ Woodley, Demian Maia, "Wonderboy" Thompson.


Anyway, 5x the money on a Burns win here is too good not to try.

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10 hours ago, BlairBettsBlocksEverything said:

Had over 6.5 in this Tampa Washington game. 3-2 after the first. Looks like a sure thing. Currently 4-2 with 6 minutes left and I’m wondering how this can happen to me again 


That late goal bailed ya out, BBB!!!  Vasilesky looked very human last night.

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