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4 hours ago, Vodka Drunkenski said:

They should’ve won all those OTL and the Caps was the first game of the season.  These stats don’t say pretenders but they don’t say contenders either

Opening Night vs. Caps; Igor did not play. It has looked pretty ragged without him. With a healthy Igor, this team is a contender. He is the one variable that makes this team dangerous.

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11 hours ago, Bugg said:

Opening Night vs. Caps; Igor did not play. It has looked pretty ragged without him. With a healthy Igor, this team is a contender. He is the one variable that makes this team dangerous.

And? Backup goalies are a part of the game, we beat Spencer Swiss cheese Knight so i should take that win away? The only team we beat that was playing good, our win vs the Leafs was early too when they couldn't score a goal. 

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2 hours ago, RangersIn7 said:

Cup contenders?



Playoff contenders? 



Possibility of them winning more than a round in the postseason? 

Id say that’s a coin flip at best depending on the matchup

Pretty much. And that's a good season if that's how it plays out.

The hot start shouldn't mask that, or lead to a first round exit being seen as some sort of disappointment. It'll be disappointing at the time of course, but making the playoffs was the target this season. Whatever happens when they're there will be a bonus. It would be nice to avoid a meek surrender like against the Canes, obviously.

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On 12/18/2021 at 5:42 AM, Winter said:

5-9-3 versus relevant teams. -- Mostly getting smoked in those losses. (-19 goal difference) 

W: Preds, Leafs, Panthers, TB x2

L: Preds, Leafs, Flames x2, Aves x2, Caps, Panthers, Vegas

OTL: Stars, Vegas, Oilers


Some can add the Bruins into a relevant team if you want to feel better about it but they suck, can't beat anyone relevant at all. 


My opinion on this data: Pretenders

Silver lining: most of this is west coast teams, we got an easy schedule to start, to work out kinks with new coach, going to get rough if we continue with a 21% win% vs. relevant teams. 

updated... our next 5 games are going to tell a lot, if we go like 1-4 then we need to re-think things. (TB x2, LV, EDM, ANA) -- Young players have to start putting up as of now we're just the same exact team as previous years just having started with a weak schedule. 

Edited by Winter
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10 hours ago, Ozzy said:


It's freaky how the power play seems better when he's not in there....and I'm loving Kakko on the PP

Kakko could easily have had a couple goals in the last few games had Zibanejad not had the puck luck he's been having.  


That PP1 unit is effective no matter what. It's running through 1 of 3 guys lately and it's a good problem to have.  Now it's Zibanejads turn.


Let's not forget the first month or so when we were complaining about Zibanejad constantly shooting and missing from the left dot... It's going in now. The last month it's been all Panarin. Before that it was all Kreider. 


Let's just be happy the puck is going in. I think they need more offense, because Kreider is a career streaky scorer as is Zibanejad. Panarin is pretty much Panarin all year. With him out for potentially the next 4 games, we can get a look at life without their most consistent scorer.


Luckily the schedule is semi light except for LV.  Edmonton has lost 3 straight after a covid layoff and weren't doing that great before  Losing 6 of 9. But they are an offensive force no matter what.  The Ducks stink, yet have had to face a lot of good teams so far. I wouldn't take them lightly. Kings too. They've been taking it to a lot of treams lately.  Watch out for " ol useless Lemieux" and his 7 useless goals. Hopefully he runs Georgiev if he's in net.  

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