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  1. glad to see his commitment and dedication is paying off. new york is a tough place to do this but he is getting it done. says a lot about his character and someone we should want to invest in long term. kid probably takes the C at some point down the line if this path continues. Next thing you will see out of him is the snarl, which he was touted to have playing in the lower leagues. Training takes time. i've totally changed my lifestyle from jan of 23. cut off alcohol, all kinds of sugar, high protein intake and 2 hours a day in the gym 5-6 days a week. lost 60 lbs over the year and the difference is amazing. not blowing my horn here but the point is it takes a lot of time and patience. not to mention he was still growing. overall just a great thing to see. kid stepped upto the challenge. well playeed
  2. love rempe but its the right move. Brodz deserves to play and i'm so not sitting Cuylie.
  3. 6'1" 200 is nice. to bad he's a masshole. would think the bruins are where he goes. cue the pic of him at 9 years old sleeping in B's pajamas.
  4. made me laugh. hopefully just a hyper extension. whats the draft kings line whether he starts game 1?
  5. Obviously you have to like what you are seeing since Trouba went down. Schneider has been very noticeable out there as has K'andres game as well. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Miller has been on record saying his game has not been where he's wanted it to be. Schneider's game has definitely taken a more physical edge of late. Is it a Remke effect at work or that he feel's the need to kick it up a notch with the Cap down. most likely its a combination of the two. No matter where he plays upon his return, we need the Captain for a deep run, despite where he plays in the lineup. This time off could be just the ticket as we will have him back fresh in the next weeks. Reminds me of the old Islanders dynasty where Potvin or some other top guy would get an undisclosed injury a few weeks before the playoffs started. As to Schneider I will always remember JD's intensity in the war room on draft day when we moved up to take him. It was so cool they caught that on camera.
  6. I think we did the best that we could given this year‘s circumstances. I really believe the answer to a deep run this year lies within the rooms already existing pieces. The leaders of this group have to step it up and take it to the next level. To quote Mike Rupp they have to be comfortable playing uncomfortable
  7. i'd go with vatrano and take our chances. there's no sure fire stud out there this year unless drury really goes outside of the box. this is the rangers remember going on 30 years, which is a lifetime by the way. i've said it a thousand times. it's very comfortable to play here, they are coddled. i'm not sure they really have the guts to win 4 rounds, unless they bring in someone with respect that would kick a little ass in the room. don't think that guy exists in the room at present.
  8. i heard a wild ass rumor that the rangers were going to go after tom wilson... probably not true given the contract but has anyone else heard this? thanks.
  9. i'd be surprised if drury goes this way. seems like larry had nothing else to write about.
  10. where is this get rid of goodrow coming from? guys been a total pro here and does so many things so well. 3. w/e looks like a manageable deal to me.
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