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Tony DeAngelo Moves On


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if you are an offensively gifted, defensively challenged defenseman, making solid money.. Being a massive distraction rarely pays off in the long run.. In this case it took about 3 weeks.


I'll miss the potential production, but not the headaches.

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Yup, bye cost-controlled 50 point left d-man. No wonder the guys responsible for this waste of talent all got canned.
This narrative is getting tired.


"They got fired for [insert thing I disagree with]"... Proceed as if this is fact.


Meanwhile, back in reality, they are trying to trade Geo and still won't bring back ADA.


What's that tell you?

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I didn’t say they got fired for the ADA situation alone. But the handling of it just puts on display the overall incompetence and lack of asset management on the part of the front office, not to mention Quinn not being able to keep his house in order to the point a teammate gets punched by another teammate.
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