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Rep Bet: Devils, Devils, Devils


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April 13-Devils W 2 pts

April 15-Devils W 2 pts

April 17-Devils W 2 pts

April 18-Devils W 2 pts


Total = 8 pts


Gotta rack up the points in these next 4 games to have a legitimate push for the playoffs.


I will rep anyone (and encourage others to rep) who correctly predicts the number of points the Rangers accumulate against the Devils over the next 4 games (0-8 points)

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The optimist in me says we get 8, but probably need OT for two of them.


The realist says 6 - 3-1-0 or 2-0-2


The "Chaos is my god and hockey is my weapon" element says that we get 5, but Boston shits the bed behind McAvoy's continued injury and we're inexplicably further along the path than we are right now at this time next week

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6 points.


If I'm Quinn, this series is all about structure and repetition. This is extended sparring with what should be a vastly inferior partner. Do the steps and then do them again and keep doing them until they're second nature. Nobody freestyles to pad their points. Everyone serves the core defensive structure, even Bread. Lather, rinse, repeat until your hair falls out. But it won't go perfectly, because that's how this year is.

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