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  1. Regardless of who wins it (and I think it's the Canes to lose) I hope it goes 7 and that the remaining 6 games all go into quintuple overtime.....
  2. Well, I jinxed it. The Rangers bailed on Jacksonville and now the Icemen are a Sabres affiliate. Just announced it today......
  3. The Solar Bears are a Lightning affiliate out of Orlando, they sponsor a team in the Southern Girls Hockey League for girls ages 8-18 called the Lady Bears. My daughter is a goalie on the 16 year old team. They're a great organization (apart from the Lightning affiliate), and do a lot to help grow the sport. We're 2 hours from Orlando so she practices in Jacksonville with the team there sponsored by the Jax Icemen which are a Rangers affiliate, but they don't have a team in her age group otherwise I'd be able to say my daughter is a goalie in the Rangers organization.....
  4. "Let go" is pretty broad, was he fired? Was it a mutual decision? Was it a financial negotiation that broke down? For all we know he decided to leave for personal reasons, and the team "let him go" so he can collect on the remainder of a contract (like unemployment). Hopefully at some point we'll get the full story, the fact that he hasn't said anything (or the team hasn't really elaborated) makes me think it was wasn't a "firing". But WTF do I know, I picked Rangers/Oilers in the finals........
  5. Best way to end the rough stuff from the Caps, lay out #8. Fuck this untouchable shit, he's as dirty as the rest of that team, hard shoulder to the head.....
  6. Man that goal announcement was like 12 minutes long, pretty much told us the guys whole life story…..
  7. Ok, so they call the penalty, the Avs serve it and bury the game winner as soon as they're back at ES. Tampa was absolutely gassed in that OT.
  8. I honestly think that Fox is still hurt from the injury that sidelined him around the all star break. Wouldn't be at all surprised to hear he's having some kind of surgery in the next few days.
  9. It was a fun ride, a team that not many predicted to even make the playoffs took the defending champs to game 6 of the ECF. As much as I dislike Tampa, it was a good opportunity for the kids (and front office) to see first hand what is required to become a cup winning team, most cup winning teams were once where we are now, and at some point we will be among them. It'll be interesting to see what happens over the summer, who stays, who goes, who comes in etc.... and for the first time in a very long time I am pumped for next season.
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