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DeAngelo Clears Waivers Following Fight with Georgiev; Won't Play for Rangers Again

Blue Heaven

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What We Know


There was a physical altercation between Tony DeAngelo and Alex Georgiev outside the locker room following Saturday night’s 5-4 overtime defeat to the Penguins at the Garden that was the trigger for the team placing No. 77 on waivers, a source close to the team confirmed to The Post.


DeAngelo had been on the ice for the overtime goal as well as the Penguins’ first three goals at five-on-five. There had been a mishap — or miscommunication between the goaltender and defenseman — that kept the puck alive preceding the goal for which Mika Zibanejad and Artemi Panarin had been on for more than two minutes.


There was also questionable bad body language displayed by DeAngelo in turning away from the net following each of Pittsburgh’s first two scores.


DeAngelo is on regular waivers as opposed to unconditional waivers, The Post has learned. According to the CBA, being placed on and clearing unconditional waivers are necessary for a team to be able to terminate a player’s contract.


There does appear to be an exception, according Section 14 of the Standard Players’ Contract that states: “The Club may also terminate this SPC [standard Player’s Contract] upon written notice to the Player (but only after obtaining Waivers from all other Clubs) if the Player shall at any time: a) fail, neglect or refuse to obey the Club’s rules governing training and conduct of Players if such failure, refusal or neglect should constitute a material breach of this SPC.”


It is unclear whether the Rangers will claim that Saturday night’s incident rises to the level of a material breach. If so, one would expect the NHLPA and DeAngelo’s camp to contest that charge. The defenseman is represented by Pat Brisson.


In addition to the questionable body language from DeAngelo on Saturday, there had been indications that DeAngelo had not reacted to being scratched from the season’s second and third games with an especially constructive or positive attitude. It probably didn’t help that he was removed from the first power play unit for a few games until he was restored to the remodeled PP1 on Thursday in Buffalo.


Link: https://nypost.com/2021/01/31/tony-deangelo-alex-georgiev-got-physical-after-rangers-loss/


This is clearly more than DeAngelo’s on-ice performance. The Rangers certainly scoured the market for a trade partner for DeAngelo, even after signing him to a two-year contract with a $4.8 million annual cap hit to avoid arbitration in October.


It is fair to say there was barely a market, if any, for DeAngelo in a trade. Certainly his baggage weighs heavily into that, because teams would normally line up for a 25-year-old right-handed offensive defenseman under cost control.


Link: https://theathletic.com/2357152/2021/01/31/tony-deangelo-waivers-new-york-rangers/








What Has Been Speculated (Unverified)



What Has Been Debunked


The incident, which specifically triggered the altercation last night, was possibly a miscommunication that led to Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal. However, based on information Blueshirt Banter has gathered on background for multiple years now, the two were apparently never on the best of terms as far back as the 2017-18 season when the two were teammates in Hartford, the AHL affiliate.


Furthermore, three separate sources independently confirmed to Blueshirt Banter that there was concern at various levels of the organization regarding DeAngelo’s treatment of rookie defenseman K’Andre Miller. Sources did not wish to go on the record with specific examples but indicated that it was an issue that caught the attention and ire of multiple players in the organization. Additionally, sources say tension has been building up in the locker room prior to the incident on Saturday night.


Since the original publishing of this story, multiple sources confirmed to Blueshirt Banter one incident that involved DeAngelo keeping the puck from Miller’s first goal scored against the Buffalo Sabres on January 26. DeAngelo, who was on the ice for Miller’s goal, collected the puck from the net as shown in the gif below.


Link: https://www.blueshirtbanter.com/2021/1/31/22259125/report-deangelo-georgiev-allegedly-had-altercation-following-loss-vs-pittsburgh-new-york-rangers




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Three explanation..


1) tried to move him and no one was interested


2) he did something to finally push them

Over the edge and the rangers just wanna get rid of him asap


3) the rangers are stupid



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I hope it?s number 2 and not number 3 or this organization would be in big trouble.





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Wonder if it has to do with the cap shenanigans that Brooks has been writing about. Gotta figure no one would claim him with that cap #.



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Realistically, there are four teams that could. Detroit, Ottawa, LA, NJ. Ottawa is on an internal budget. They're out. NJ is saving that cap space for Nico Hischier. They're out.



I'd imagine it's really "does LA or DET want him" and I honestly don't know.

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Whole thing is a clusterfuck. Dumb move. Whole team has been shit with a clueless coach. But let’s waive our actual best offensive threat on D.


If it wakes the team up so be it. But if it wakes the team up for 5 games and we go back to this craptastic rollercoaster then whole team is done imo.

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