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The Ghost of Foley's – General Chat


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Today was a good day. The benefits of working for a historic site are Sundays when they give us a few hundred bucks to go to antique shops and buy stuff for the house. Always lots of fun seeing what we can find.


Oh, I would love to do that! I could wander around antique shops all day. :)

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Even my Sunday's aren't stress free. My chemistry class is driving me insane. Our professor is a doctor who thinks we are chemistry majors. Something needed to be done so I just finished sending this to the head of our department.


Dear Mr. XXX


I am writing to you on behalf of my Chemistry-XXX class. I believe our lab professor Mrs. XXX has already spoken to you regarding our situation with Professor XXX. The general consensus in the class is that our professor cannot teach this subject at a level we can understand. He is a highly intelligent man, who clearly knows science, but we are not chemistry majors, nor do we have an interest in the subject, and he cannot "dumb it down" for us so we can understand it. He talks in circles, without much clarification, even when we ask for help. There is not one person in that class who is a science major, so you can see my concern. I cannot say what everyone's average is in the class, but I am under the impression that not many people are passing with flying colors, myself included. On the last quiz, my grade was in the 30's, this being the lowest grade I have recieved in my adult life. Being someone who has 11 A's and an A- in three semesters at Brookdale, you can see that I am highly irritated at getting such a low grade, even after I studied and tried to understand this complex material. If we were all science majors, than maybe we would not have a valid complaint, but not one person in this class is going to use anything learned this semester once they leave this class, nor do we have any prior knowledge-- Mr. XXX speaks to us like we have years of experience in the field. One of the students even went to the Chemistry Lab at Lincroft in an attempt to get some help. He was told by the person working there that she does not even teach what we are learning to her Chemistry 101 class, which as you know, is actually geared towards science majors.


On the other hand, our lab component with Mrs. XXX has been very enjoyable. She is able to teach it to us at a level we understand, she has a fantastic personality, and not one person is in danger of failing. We do not dread walking into this class like we do the lecture. I do not want you to think that this is a witch hunt. Mr. XXX is a nice man, and we like him as a person, but we feel he should not be teaching us. Perhaps at a higher level of chemistry, with students who are actually interested and have it as their major, he would excel, but with us, we are clueless.


There is also one more thing that I would like to mention, and that is the fact that some of our counselors misguided us to take this class. I was told by mine, "This is the class you take if you do not like science." while my friend was told, "There is not much math in this level course." There is a chance that they misunderstood us, but I highly doubt it. Not much math? Every week there seems to be new formulas and numbers that we have to learn, taught in such a confusing manner that it makes my head spin. Perhaps if I knew this, I would have inquired about biology or an environmental science course instead.


We are not a class of trouble makers or degenerates. Everyone in there is intelligent enough where they should be excelling in this "entry level", "non major" chemistry class. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I am not one to complain but last week was the last straw. Just when my brain could not process any more information, he kept right on going, without pause. I do not know if there is anything you can do to help, because we do not want to get him fired or punished, just to get him to "dumb it down" for us so we can understand him better. I would also ask to remain anonymous to him because I do not want any trouble. I just wrote this on behalf of my class in hopes that something can be done.

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