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2024 New Year's Fan Resolutions


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Some people make resolutions around the start of a new year to be a better version of themselves.  Whether it be to work out more, drink less, or have more sex, the start of a new year can be a time for personal reflection.  If the resolution is too radical of a change, it's not likely to be followed past January/February.


This thread is available for introspection for what people will resolve to do in 2024 to be better Ranger fans.

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Eat less,  Move more and get rid of the 40 extra lbs around my gut. Can't use the excuse that my body is broken anymore titanium and plastic joints are amazing. Also not scream at the tv and scare my neighbors when the rangers do stupid shit. 


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My resolution in 2024 is to be better about not letting a player's past play overshadow how I watch present play and future potential.


I usually have a few favorite Rangers.  For a favorite, I'm more likely to remember big goals or other heroics in the past, and like how they are playing in a given game by focusing on good plays made during a shift.


And usually there's at least one Ranger that I've soured on, and I'm more likely to be critical of their play in a game.


Time on ice, special teams time, put on the ice during offensive or defensive zone faceoffs, or other situational use is a good metric of what the coaches think of a player's contribution. Coaches are focused on team success, and deploying the best players (that aren't gassed) in each situation is a better metric for strengths and weaknesses than my observations as a fan.


I resolve to try and watch a game more in the present, particularly for players that I've soured on.  If a player that I've soured on is still getting more ice time than I'd like, the coaches are seeing something I'm not, so I will try to be better about finding positives to their play.  Similarly I will be more honest when one of my favorite players is having a bad game - no one is perfect.


For future potential, I will recognize that young players are not finished products, and that development is not continual improvement.  What appears to be a plateau or regression may only be temporary.  For veterans, I will recognize that not only do players have bad games, but they go through stretches where they don't score, which is tough on any player.  I will hesitate to think that veterans are in decline or production is dropping off a cliff until I've watched a bunch of games - and still recognize that they may just be in a drought and rebound.

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To stop talking about Josh. 

Let go of Gauthier. 

Admit that Wheeler looks like he's had double hip replacement when he turns. 

Be positive and Kakko

Never stop complaining about Goodrow 

Change my avatar

Stop hating on people in the Rangers fan commercials. 

Stop wondering why Ranger D men chase forwards all the way out to the top of the faceoff circle,  it's just what they do apparently..

Stop looking at posts of people I have blocked on here. 


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