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BSBH Fantasy Hockey 2022-23: Roll Call

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See the list of participants from last season below. Those returning are noted by a ✅.


✅ 1 / Grimson Reapers@Phil

✅ 2 / Advanced Stastny@Nashley Tisdale

✅ 3 / TBD@Vodka Drunkenski

✅ 4 / Blue Bar Good @LindG1000

✅ 5 / Puck Bunnies@fletch

✅ 6 / Troub Lies@Drew a Penalty

✅ 7 / The Replacements@Shane Falco

✅ 8 / Shesty's Besties@Long live the King

✅ 9 / Russian Meddling@josh

✅ 10 / Puck daddy@lefty9

✅ 11 / Bro's Before Hossa@Puck Head

✅ 12 / Bunch of Jerks@CardiacCanes06


The buy in is the same as last season ($20 per head) and will be due closer to the start of the season.


Whether you plan on returning or not, please reply to this thread, one way or the other.


If any spots open, they'll be given out to other community members who respond in this thread, so if you have an interest in joining, please let me know. Transient users need not apply. This is a highly-active league. Even if you feel your season is lost, we don't take kindly to owners who abandon their teams. I've stripped ownership away over this in the past and I'll do it again if I have to.


Regarding potential changes to scoring or league settings, let's save that for the official thread once we have a proper head count.




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29 minutes ago, Nashley Tisdale said:



Hey Kakko!!!   Yeah you, Morph!!!   I'm picking you to bust out and win the whole fucking thing this year!!!


Make a brutha proud!!!  😉

Edited by Ozzy
  • TroJan Boner 1
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23 minutes ago, Nashley Tisdale said:

I appreciate the support homie 🤝


I don't. I hope you flip your bike over and knock your two front teeth out. Figuratively speaking.

  • LMFAO 1
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