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2021-22 ECQF #6: (2M) Rangers at (3M) Pittsburgh Penguins — I'm Still Standing

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It doesn't matter who is out with the Penguins, if the Rangers play like they did in the last two game in Pittsburgh. The top six need to perform and so should Shesty:




I believe they will and if they do, Shesty will wave again at the end of the game...


Let's Go Rangers!!!!


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Igor should shelve the wave until if and when they win the series. Regular season series champs is meaningless and probably did nothing but fire them up. He'll learn from it. Take care of business tonight, no excuses and no reason why they shouldn't beat this team if they all actually show up from top to bottom. Let's Gooooo!

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I’m sure Sid will be back for game 7. It’s a no lose situation to sit him out today… let him recover for either game 7 or the next series. Pittsburgh has to like their chances to close the rangers out at least 1 out of 2 games. 

hope the rangers play the next two games the way they played the first period of this series. 

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1 hour ago, RJWantsTheCup said:

Start Reaves, Rooney & Motte with Schneider & Trouba on D  and if they counter with their first line have a 5 on 5 fight to start the game.

I know it’s playoffs but I’d bet the Pens will goon it up early and perhaps take an extra penalty or two. If that occurs Rangers PP needs to strike!  Actually that’s what I’m hoping for. Rangers should keep their composure and try to get a few early PP’s if the Pens get rough. 

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I'm thinking the Pens are very experienced team, and I think if they start targeting Trouba, they'll forget all about trying to win Game 6.  I can't see a Sullivan team doing that tonight....especially early.  Best thing the Pens can do is go out and keep doing what they've been;  Staying out of the box and playing their game.  If they get caught up in the retribution game, they're gonna lose the game.  Our PP hasn't been tremendous, but given multiple opportunities, they will cash in.


Trouba on the other hand, I think can basically beat the living shit out of any player on that team not named Malkin, so I don't think Troubs has much to worry about there!


...oh and don't forget we still have this Reaves guy who can clean house if called upon. 

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5 minutes ago, RJWantsTheCup said:

Only way Pens go out of their way to get Trouba is if the score of the game becomes lopsided one way or the other.

Malkin is very easy to get off his game.

He’s also easy to get on his game. 

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