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Is Phil Kessel a Trade Option?

The Dude

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Ok, so we won't see Kravtsov,  Kakko isn't doing much.  Lafreniere is looking very meh. Goodrow is out of place. Blais is interesting.  Gauthier is here to taunt Kravstov, while he's over seas.

This teams record is a mirage.  They don't look good. They are lacking offensive opportunities. 

We all speak about needing a vet who has been there. Kessel has won 2 cups. He still has wheels and loves to shoot. 

The Yotes are winless in 10. I think he'd fit the need of a top line RW, if the kids continue to struggle. He's not a super star, and I think he's got very little ego. His cap hit sucks, but the Rangers could probably get them to eat salary, and take back our spare parts. 

Gauthier, Hajek, Reunenen 

For Kessel at a large retention. 

Slots in almost anywhere in the top 9. Gives the kids a chance to learn from him, or for them to get their shit together in the A. 

Just throwing it out there for conversation,  since Arizona is absolutely bombing and the Rangers could use a shooting winger. 

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I can think of way worse ideas than bringing in a top 6 RW with a rifle of a shot on the cheap.

Between him and Laf, the MSG chefs would run themselves to the bone making sure there was enough food, and I would hope Drury works out the increase in catering budget before making the deal. It could bankrupt Dolan.

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