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Rangers Give Kravtsov Permission to Seek Trade; Loaned to KHL


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I don't blame him, tbh.

He (eventually) followed orders. By all accounts, had a decent camp. Got injured, and is now being shoved into the AHL.

The org has been clear, skilled kids play in the top 6 or they don't play. When/where would that open up for him? Injury? If Kakko is a bust?

It hurts because it's our team, but he's a square peg in a round hole. We've taken other team's misshapen pieces in the past for this very reason.

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He’s a fucking baby. I get the frustration but he has acted all along like a spot is pre-destined for him. I get that injuries aren’t his fault, but he did miss 95% of camp with one.

I know the Zibanejad trade all but eliminated the Eichel trade talk. I wonder where we look for a trade here. This might remove some of his trade value, but any Kravtsov trade would likely be a big deal for the Rangers, whether we flip him for another frustrated prospect (?) or as part of a big deal for a big time player.

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Sucks that he'd go this route. Can't say I blame him though. I think players have to look out for their own career and can't always just rely on GMs ever having the player's career in mind.

Hopefully this is more just giving him the chance to explore some options and see what the next move is instead of outright demanding an immediate trade.

I can't imagine he wouldn't end up back up with the Rangers sooner rather than later though. Hopefully if a move gets made we get a good deal. He still has a ton of upside.

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Peace Out!

WTF, dude is a whiny little b......

This demotion wasnt going to be permanent, probably just to figure out what to do with Gauthier, Hunt, Hajek since they all have to pass through waivers.  Give them a week to see if anyone bites on a trade for one of them, if not, then I would have fully expected one of them to go through waivers to free up a spot for Kravtsov.  

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That’s really disappointing. Not sure where he thinks he’d go to get guaranteed top-9 ice time other than a bottom feeder. I hope this is a miscommunication and there’s an opportunity to repair the relationship because he has obvious skill. Our prospect pool depth of high skill forwards isn’t that great. 

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This isn't good. At all. 

He's not a TERRIBLE fit on the 3rd line with Chytil... Kreiders lack of production should also have him slid down the lineup to a 3rd line spot. 

The thought was get rid of Buch, so Kakko and Kravtsov would get top 6 spots. 

Plan already changed? 

You'd have to have not been paying attention to this kids fragile ego, to not see this coming. 

Maybe Gallant didn't like him? 




I'd be pissed too,  if I got cut in favor of Tinordi and Hunt. 2 guys I'd think would clear waivers. 

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This is crazy. The kid is just getting over an injury, and I’m sure he wasn’t staying down there. He would be better off playing there and getting into game shape. Very disappointing on his end. Like others have said, Wahlstrom was the guy I wanted, and now it sucks we are in this predicament. Let’s hope we can get something decent in return now.

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Well wtf

So there goes his value aswell. Gonna end up trading him for a 4th round pick because it was too big of a risk to waive fucking Hajek.

He's a crybaby, but the org should've known that. Even if they didnt like him or found a spot for him on the roster you dont kill his value like this.

There always gotta be something with this team. Season starts tomorrow, thing was looking good and everyone was feeling good about the team. Now first the Captaincy debacle and now this. Great....

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