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Best Worst Pizza?


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I love Domino's as well, it's been my go to place for years for "fast food" grade pizza. Definitely hits the spot each time. 

But definitely not if I was craving an authentic wood fired Neapolitan style pizza. 

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1 hour ago, Pete said:

Domino's isn't pizza. It's Domino's. When I want pizza, I get pizza. When I want Domino's I order that. They should never be used interchangeably. 

Also cinnamon sticks FTW. 

After college, we had this place called Oompas a few blocks away. Talk about drunk pizza. $1 slices, $5 large. But even drunk, you know it was terrible. The definition of "not pizza" pizza

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Best worst pizza for me: Dominos. Not sure why, something about the cardboard crust loaded with cheese and the right amount of sauce makes it easy to consume. And shit, throw in some cheap wings too!

Worst (worst) pizza for me: Papa John's. All my experiences with Papa's (when I moved to PA) basically resulted in explosive diarrhea. ?

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1 hour ago, Drew a Penalty said:

I had Dominos constantly throughout college because it was one of two local places open after 10. It's definitely not pizza, but whatever it is, it's perfect for alcohol or weed induced munchies. Cheesy bread. The molten lava cakes with the jizz sauce. 

Those lava cakes are legit 

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Blaze Pizza is awesome. I’m not big on going to the “fast food” pizza places, but every once in a while I’ll go to Blaze when I want a personal pie. I do the build your own and load it up with all the meats. I used to go to Papa Johns when they had the promo with the Rangers and it was 50% off if they scored 3 goals in a game the night before. Other than that, they weren’t worth it, and I’d rather get real pizza.

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