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Gallant, Drury Expected To Name Captain This Season


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12 hours ago, Keirik said:

With Ziby extended officially, I can’t imagine it not being him. Buddy of mine said he heard Trouba but who the hell knows where he gets his info from lol. 

For some reason, I feel this is the safest selection.  The choice that offends the other leaders the least kinda thing.

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10 minutes ago, Drew a Penalty said:

Straight up no captain. L O L.

Kind of sad they still couldn't get anyone to step up.

Not really disappointing...Goes back to what I said...He doesn't know enough after 2 weeks. Glad to see Strome recognized for the leader he's become. ?

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24 minutes ago, Drew a Penalty said:

Only three players are allowed to wear letters per game. It wouldn't make sense to have three and three then a captain unless they're divvying some other way.

Correct. One of these guys will be captain, if any will be named, and the odd man out will wear a letter on nights one of the others isn't.

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