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NHL Players Being Told to Prepare for Cancellations Tonight


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Totally. They're essentially backed in to a corner.


They know if they don't suspend, they'll be faced with irrational backlash from Twitterverse. If they do suspend, some will be pissed about it but ultimately back the next day to watch.


It's probably smart to suspend, but also cowardly.

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This is idiocy, no one protested when a 10 year old boy was shot in the head.

I don’t support this!


Because his killer was promptly arrested and will be spending the rest of his life in prison. The same cannot be said for Breonna Taylor, and many others.


The League really had no choice in this matter, regardless. The public pressure is mounting, justified or otherwise, and in the wake of other Leagues postponing or canceling games themselves, the NHL was sticking out like a sore thumb.

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The "victim" in Kenosha had a long rap sheet and had a warrant out for his arrest for sexual assault. He resisted arrest, and is on video wrestling with police. He broke free and tried to get in his car. The police can be heard yelling "drop the knife". He reaches for something in the car and is shot in the back. A knife is found on the floor of the car. Why can't anyone wait until facts become clear before being outraged and prompting riots? Woke sports leagues passing judgment by cancelling are part of this.


What should they have done, let him drive off and endanger the public in a chase? They already tried non lethal means of arresting him, wrestling him to the ground, but he got away.

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Is there anything more cringe-worthy than 99% whites athletes calling their 2 black friends and asking them "What do we do here?"


Yes, boycotting / postponing / protesting at your JOB when you don't even have half the facts or judgements and have already pronounced a guilty verdict. IOW - Judge, jury and executioner. Exactly what BLM is arguing that the cops are physically guilty of!

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