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Plugging the Holes: A Look at the Rangers? PTO Options


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That's not how you develop kids. That's how you destroy them. See Del Zotto, Michael; Malhotra, Manny; Gagner, Sam.



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There's a mixed bag there. Gagner had unrealistic expectations put on him from a desperate franchise, DZ lacked the maturity, Malhotra was never going to live up to the hype of a #6 OA. Guessing same happens to Andersson.

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randomly spitballing because I'm bored at work. What about Jussi Jokinen


played on 4 teams last year, not fitting into the first three at all. But in Vancouver, he had 10 points in 14 games post deadline and his 2.57 points per 60 at even strength was best on the Canucks after the trade deadline


veteran leadership for a young team and is only two seasons removed from 60 points.

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They put up almost identical numbers, one got more ice time and 3x as much PP time.


At ES, one put up more points, with less ice time.


One out up more points in less games.


If your statement was ?Hayes could be more offensive had he been given the same opportunity.....?.

Then a discussion could be had.


But this is a binary fact. Z was better offensively last season




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Did you read the article? I laid out, pretty concretely, what the benefit is. Worst case scenario, they help to provide a highly-competitive training camp environment that ensures no one is being gift wrapped a roster spot. Best case, they perform well enough to garner a short-term, non-problematic contract to fill out the minor fourth-line/third pairing and/or 13F/7D roles that would be wasted on the young, promising players.


Ty Ronning, for example, has a metric ton more to learn playing top minutes for Hartford than he does playing 13F or revolving door with Cody McLeod on a team that's going to lose more games than it wins. The same is true of basically every player under the age of like 23.


Meskanen and Lindqvist would also qualify here. So would Beleskey, and I suppose Lettieri and Nieves (thoguh I'm high on neither). But again, the goal is to safeguard the proper development of young kids, and to produce a highly-competitive training camp.


Given the ability to cut bait at any time, I fail to see the issue with inviting literally anyone to camp on a PTO.


TBH just the concept of "plugger" has me wanting to throw up if it means plugging holes with substandard, washed up NHL veterans on the cheap, and taking a roster spot away from a younger player like Meskanen or Lettieri — I don't see Meskanen as "plugger," more as a prospect...and that's why my perception of plugger would explain my nauseous reaction.


While "pluggers" may be a legit concept, and while there's no significant harm to playing time in inviting players to PTO contracts to camp ... but I already feel as though since we already have folks like Hayes, Zucc, and Spooner, most of whom are odds-on most likely not in the team's future plans unless someone like Hayes just flat out breaks out in a must-keep fashion, that we have enough "plugger" already?


We have more than enough viable personnel to fill four competent NHL lines already. You mentioned Meskanen, and I don't see him as plugger per se — more of a prospect about to show what he's got. I'd note he's gonna be 23 come October—that ain't no tender youth any more, but he's not 30 either, like Stewart or Belesky . His time is now, and indications are the Rangers are expecting him to fulfill a sniping capability that is in short supply here.*


It's precisely players like Meskanen, at 23 yrs old, whom I'd like to see get a long hard look. Nothing ventured nothing gained.


Now if plugger means seeing if Chris Stewart is a better alternative to Cody McLeod, I'm OK with it ... but on a team that has enough overflow at center — to possibly force Namestnikov to wing (where I think he would do well, btw, but out of position nevertheless) can't we avoid having more than one such type on the regular lineup.


BTW please ..Artemi Panarin UFA in 2019-2020 please please please ... that's who/type we need to be making a big run for IMO, could fit nicely with Kravtsov, Buch, Zibs or Namestn/Chytil/Andersson if any develop as hoped for.


Kreids Zibs Buch

Fast Hayes Zucc

Vesey Chytil Meskanen (23 in October)

McLeod Namestnikov/Andersson Spooner


bolded = enough plugger for one NHL team


Belesky, Holland, are also still somehow on the roster and presumably will compete at camp? Lettieri has earned another look perhaps. Nieves ... poor sod is a center in an overcrowded position.



The 22-year-old Finn, who recorded 44 points (24-20) in 48 games for Ilves, is a candidate to earn a spot with a Rangers team that seems to be shy of scorers on the wing.


“The way he can spin around in the slot and snipe it, that’s not easy to do,” said Gordie Clark, Rangers director of player personnel. “He’s got a lot of talent. It’s the same thing, with him though. His body has to catch up.”



The Rangers, and other NHL teams, began to take notice, and around Christmastime last season, the Rangers approached him, told him they were interested and wanted to sign him. He was “thrilled,’’ he said.


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Well, when there is a league with no special teams...let’s re address this.


You’re attempt to justify your point is amazing



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Nieves had more even strength points on Tuesdays against teams that ended with the letter E, so he must be better than both



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Thanks for your amazing contribution and personal jabs.


And sure, while it is an extreme example, if Nieves is outperforming others in such a capacity, over an extended period of time, it should be explored.

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Why? So they can win a few more games and, potentially, deteriorate their chance of drafting higher?

It is becoming a younger league, so why not let the kids play? Now, if a kid like Howden is physically immature, you don't want to get him hurt, but otherwise, sink or swim.


In most cases you don't want to teach young players that it's ok to lose. You certainly don't decide to lose on purpose and put a sub par team on the ice to do so. Environment is key. "We want to lose, so we will throw kids to the wolves" isn't a good message to put out there in year one.


As fans and as an organization it's probably best for them to finish as bad as possible, but you don't want to subject potential future players to a losing atmosphere.

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