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(#60) Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers // 'Bout to Catch that Rocky Knockout


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Really? Professional sports teams enter the season hoping to lose I suppose. I highly doubt that most fans root for their teams to lose in order to get a better draft position. Borders on the ridiculous, imo.


Red Wings won't tear it down to aid search for difference-makers



Finishing 31st does not guarantee the No. 1 pick, expected to be Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin at the 2018 NHL Draft, because of the NHL Draft Lottery.


Even winning the lottery multiple times would not necessarily work. The Edmonton Oilers had the No. 1 pick four times from 2010-2015. They probably will miss the playoffs for the 11th time in 12 seasons.




Go Rangers!


By every measure what the Wings have done, future be damned trying win now every year, has not worked. The Oilers have failed despite the high picks. Not really following your argument; the NYR should keep this current crop of overpaid nonhackers because...? When I'm watching these (awful) games I'm rooting for them to win. But really the losses piling up no longer bother me in the least. If it's going to be a nonplayoff year, would LOVE to be in position for Dahlen or the Tkachuk kid.


What we do know is this group has no runs left in it.May be Lundqvist can still be an effective goalie, and he'd better be because his contact is untradeable and Igor is probably 2 seasons away. Simply under a cap there are no old timers' fair well tours nor graceful retirement. Either the player produces under his contract or the franchise has a failure on it's hands. and Right now the NYR are repleat with such failures. Trading them for young talent or draft picks is making the best of a mess.

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Even if they aren't, what I'm interested in, and what the Rangers' front office has declared is their goal, is a Stanley Cup. Everything from this point on is about determining and executing on a plan to establish the Rangers' best chances of competing for one.


I'm a firm believer that the best course is with a high-end draft selection. The worse this team does, the higher their chances of landing a lottery pick that would allow them to draft one.


for sure. a novel approach that has been a long time worth taking.

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I understand why folks want a high draft pick and to tank, but it just seems against what it means to play a sport or be a fan. You do the best with what you have in the org, and want your team to win as a fan.



To tank like the Pens or Hawks to get that gamechanging talent, and have everything else go right for a SCF appearance, that takes time and luck. What's one draft pick over another if its a generational talent leading a roster that is looking at 5-10 years of mediocrity?


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Hoping to cash in on a lost season by losing out and tanking, imo is absolutely acceptable from a fanbase. Its not the norm. Its not what people expect for years and years. Its just something they have yet to do, like EVER. One season of advocating losing should be tolerable for die hards.


If in 2 years from now the organization and the fans ate still accepting tanking. Then we have a problem. Hopefully this off-season brings enough to start anew and be a building point. This team just will never suck enough for long enough to draft the generational talents they desperately need.


Thats why you sign Tavares....

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Exchanging a possible McD, Nash and Grabs and then receiving what's gonna be an expensive Taveras provides the Rangers with nothing more than a wash. If their plan is to get Nash and Grabs BACK next year, well.......I don't think financially it will be feasible, but wouldn't be blind to see that they would be more potent offensively, but now very much weaker defensively.

Ask Hank if he wants continued 5-4 and 6-5 games. That would be the quickest way to turn this around.


The better option just may be to pass on JT, re-sign Nash (with his cup ring) and Grabner and infusing Chytil and LA and whoever else is ready.

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