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(#60) Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers // 'Bout to Catch that Rocky Knockout


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I think this might be the worst we've looked at this point in the season in the last 10 years at least


I mean, it's entirely predictable when your management pretty much says the season is over and you might get traded, but still


Just bring on next season already. Thank god baseball's almost here

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These guys are nothing short of amateurs in their own end.


A lot of it is on their forwards, too. Just think after we trade Nash and Grabs, this team has 2 forwards who can play D. Hayes and Fast. One Center, pathetic.


Go easy on Pionk. He needs more time and development, including in the weight room. He's 22 and green. Just a half season of pro experience in the A, called up into this mess without a steady partner. He's a recent student and Dman from Minny Duluth and probably never had a great trainer in his life. He's hesitant on some plays, stuff that seems fixable. Good defensive instincts, but my concern is he is small for the type of player he is.


Dmen need time to be really reliable. You think Sergachev is ready for the playoffs. He is getting sheltered minutes, but he will be excellent one day. Charra was a joke for a while. People wrote of Myers, Fowler, Nurse, Schultz and many others prematurely.


If we really put our scout hats on, DeAngelo appears a key piece in this rebuild. With any luck and decent coaching, this kid should be a good NHLer. He has the goods and is starting to demonstrate his potential. Again, he has less than a full season in the NHL. Sproul shouldn't be in the conversation.

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Good. Another perfect ending. Many of the most valuable commodities scored and the team lost without gaining a point. All is right in tank land.



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Unfortunately unless we get super lucky we're probably picking in the 7-10 range. Some good players there but if you're in the top 5 you're almost guaranteed someone who has a good shot at the NHL next season.


Then again, season's not over. If they trade Zucc, Nash, Grabner, AND McD I'm not sure how they will win another game this season.

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