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#BaldForBieber Hoax Teaches Kids to Fact Check Before Shaving Their Heads


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A Twitter hoax suggesting Justin Bieber has cancer taught teenage girls everywhere a valuable lesson this week: You should fact check before you shave your head. Or, maybe it’s all just an elaborate story crafted by 4Chan.


Originally posted on Oct. 22, the hoax started with a screenshot of what appears to be a tweet from Entertainment Tonight‘s official Twitter account announcing that Bieber was diagnosed with cancer that morning and suggesting fans go #BaldforBieber in support of the pop icon. The photo also shows what looks to be a tweet from Bieber’s official account, thanking ET for the support


Shortly after the tweets, a website, BaldforBieber.com, launched showing Photoshopped tweets from the pop star thanking fans for support, as well as a number of fake news stories that seem to confirm the rumor.


A YouTube video on the site’s homepage shows a video of fans supposedly shaving their heads in support of the Biebs, and a gallery of photos on another page shows those who have supposedly shaved their head in support of the pop star.


If you head to YouTube, there are several videos of fan’s showing their support, as well as one that supposedly includes leaked emails from Bieber’s doctors regarding the cancer, mentioning his chemotherapy.



Ho-ly Crap. :rofl:

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Yeah, and a major issue is that when it comes to websites like 4chan, reddit, etc. you're only as good as your weakest link. So you have a public opinion that /b/ is all 4chan has to offer and is, therefore, a shithole.

Pretty much, it's the entry level board that keeps the rest of the stupid bullshit off the other boards. The other boards, for the most part are great though. I pretty much only post on /sp/

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