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Lias Andersson Leaves NHL, Returns to Europe

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27 minutes ago, Sharpshooter said:

He and Krav. Woof.


Neatly explains the blowout in the Ranger's Euro scouting staff a couple of seasons ago.


Maybe you can afford to miss a high pick here and there but the Rangers did that consistently: Anderson, Kravtsov, Lundqvist and Kakko.  That's a really rough group of selections in a three year period.


Would be so nice if the NHL went to international dimensions for the ice surface.  You'd get less people blowing out because they're not constitutionally inclined for the contact the NHL's tighter ice surface promotes.

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2 hours ago, Blue Heaven said:



His most notable moment as an NHL player 


EDIT: I guess you can delete, didnt see Ozzy already posted this and Siddious commented on it.  


Nah fuck it!!


Leave it, Blue!  I love that clip!  They should have it playing at every team draft meeting going forward, just to remind them how fucking terrible a pick it was!  At least another stinker pick, McIlrath ended up playing in some NHL playoff games!!  LOL

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