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2022-23 Out of Town Scoreboard


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1 hour ago, Pete said:

He's a guy who, if he gets lit up will be "We knew you sucked" and if he pitches a shutout "Cuz Avs".


He's damned either way. 

Yeah for sure. I honestly hope the best for him. Wasn't a huge fan but this is exactly what he wanted so I hope it does work out. He sort of got a raw deal here. Imagine coming to a team with one legend already at the position and a can't miss Russian prospect on the way. 


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On 10/15/2022 at 8:53 PM, Sod16 said:

I flipped on the Islanders-Ducks games, and within 30 seconds, Strome took a penalty for a stick foul in the offensive zone.  Better get used to it Ducks fans.


"Vincent's better!" chant Monday night?


stromer boner for life 

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3 hours ago, Cash or Czech said:

How did the NHL season start recently and we already have a day with zero NHL games?


Something something NFL...

But really, it's absolutely fuckin stupid. We're literally a fuckin week into the season, there are 32 fuckin teams...

14 games yesterday, 9 tomorrow, but they couldn't schedule a single fucking game today?

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