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PS #4: Rangers vs Devils, 7pm — NHLN, MSGSN, MSG


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Panarin is looking good. Strong on the puck, and not afraid to go into the corners or hard to go areas. Nice set ups to Kravstov and Goodrow  


Like Pete said, Carpenter looking better. Like how he's always infront of the net. 


Gauthier..  well you know.  Awesome as always. Kinda jells with Hunt, whom is also finding himself on the goal mouth tonight. They'll make a fine 1st line in Hartford together  



Schneider looks a bit more chipper. 


Chytil looking a lot more confident. 


Sorry guys.  I'm not seeing anything with Cuylle. Gettinger 2.0.  


Rydahl.  Meh. 


Didn't notice Jones much. 


Trouba is probably going to pot one tonight. Looks like he wants the puck for shots. 

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19 minutes ago, Keirik said:

I will say this, Gauthier looks like a bit of a different player this preseason than his putrid last couple of years. Maybe turning 25 in a couple of weeks is scaring him that his career might be in limbo. 

Really? I haven’t noticed him all preseason outside of 1 play, which is exactly his issue. 

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