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Rep Bet: First to Be Fired in 2022-23


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4 hours ago, Ozzy said:

GM: Chuck Fletcher

Coach: Lindy Ruff

This is is kind of a thread buster, because it is so obviously right.


Ruff should be giving Hasek a 20 percent cut of his salary, because the Dominator is responsible for any job that Ruff has had since about 2000.


You would think that Fletcher's nine years in Minnesota with nothing to show for it would have kept him out of a GM job, but that doesn't seem to be the way the NHL works.





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On 8/5/2022 at 2:35 PM, Cash or Czech said:

Coach: Dave Hakstol (because he's just a bad NHL coach and Seattle will finally realize)

GM: Chuck Fletcher (because his cap situation is god awful and his team is garbage tier)

I really want to agree with Fletcher (because he would deserve it and he's been terrible for them)_ I just think if they were gonna do it they would have already. They gave him a new coach and I think they would still fire Torts before they fire him.


I kinda feel the same way about Don Sweeney. But they have higher expectations so if it goes off the rails I could see it being a possibility 


I could see Winnipeg clearing house of everyone, but more likely just Chevy. Bowness is universally loved in the hockey world but it was clear he wasn't their first choice and might've been a kind of panic hire when they didnt land trotz. Still that reflects more poorly on Chevy than him. Its already kind of a clusterfuck there.


Lindy Ruff is a dinosaur, they already hired Brunette as 'Associate Coach' not 'Assistant' and despite them not being great, they have pieces they feel should help them compete. When they aren't competing early, Ruff will be a goner 


GM: Chevy

Coach: Ruff


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I'm not sure they even think what Fletcher has done is wrong. If they did, they'd have fired him by now.


Hakstol (Kraken suck), Ruff (writing is on the wall), Bowness (always gets canned) and Keefe (pressureeeeeeeeee) all feel justifiably fire-able.

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