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Call the Injuries


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Panarin- arm/wrist/elbow issue


Copp- back issues 


Strome- hip flexer or something weird like a kidney or spleen problem 


Goodrow- fractured ankle


Lindgren- foot, leg, groin, you name it.. it's fractured,  cracked, broken or strained


Kakko- knee still fucked up


Motte- broken hand


Chytil- neck issue 


Fox- shoulder issues 


Hunt- sucks


Gauthier- Toomanyscoringchances-itis and a case of just too fucking good. 


Rooney- neck


Reaves- arthritis 


Hunt- just really fucking useless and a case of mouth herpes from sucking whoevers dick to consistently be put in the lineup. 


Hunt- stinky-itis


Hunt- exhausted from being too darn (s)crappy. 


Lafreniere- diabetes 


Zibanejad- vaginal discomfort 


Kreider- unable to jump out of pools. Saddened by that fact. Very sad.









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Ryan Lindgren was kept together with a few chewed pieces of bubble gum and some tape. At this point, the bet should be what isn’t busted up on him. What a warrior. Awesome playoff from him to not only be out there but to actually play pretty well and not be a liability given all of his injuries.


Goodrow, ankle obviously. Strome looked like a bad groin injury.

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2 hours ago, Dunny said:

What was Panarin's injury? I must have missed that.

Thinking the same thing.  Injury was thrown around everyday all post season as the reason for his awful play.  So if it's not an injury than what?  

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