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Daddy Come Home


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Can they resign someone they bought out?
Yeah, I thought you had to wait a year before you did that. Unless I'm getting that confused with compliance buy-outs.
That's only for compliance buyouts where there's no cap hit.


If a team wants to carry 2 hits for the same player, they can.


Flames did this with Michal Stone

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I was under the impression they couldn't but I think I had this confused with compliance buyouts.


For one season following a compliance buyout, players were not permitted to rejoin the team which performed the buyout (this restriction does not exist for normal buyouts).




And also, there's this:





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Dear Uncle Larry:


For years you've been using material from our forum. Today you get a chance to do something good for these kind-hearted, loyal, and genuine fans of this franchise on our website. I'm asking you to do a story to help return our dear Hank to these fabulous folks of BSBH, and to our beloved Rangers.


At first I was kind of against this, but after seeing how much the guys would like to see our former franchise goalie, and future retired number player return, I've jumped aboard the bandwagon to see the guys get their due.


Make it happen, Uncle Larry....like only you know how! :thumbs:


We know you're reading this, so make us proud!


Your pal,


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It’s funny. I thought about making a thread about it. It just makes too much sense. Shesty got his money so there is no way he could feel slighted, Geo blows, and it’s time to right a wrong. Just get it done and watch the Garden rock on opening night.


Plus if we get hot down the stretch since we expect to make the playoffs? Woah. That’s a story and something to ride.

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It should definitely happen. Lundqvist has to know he's not sniffing a starting role anywhere. This situation, where the Rangers probably don't want to overwork Shesterkin his first full 82 game season, is actually prime for Lundqvist to get more games than a lot of other landing spots.
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