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Henrik Lundqvist Announces Heart Condition; Will Not Play This Season


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Couldn't they mutually agree to terminate?


Not with a 35+ contract. He can go on LTIR, though.



Basic Equation Example

The league upper limit is $69M. A team has an averaged club salary of $68M and a player with a 35+ contract with an AAV of $5M ($3M cap hit and $2M in performance bonuses) becomes injured and the team places him on LTIR. The LTIR relief pools are calculated as follows:


AAV of LTIR player is $5M

Cap space = $69M - $68M = $1M

ACSL = $69M - $1M = $68M

LTIR relief:

Base salary relief pool: $3M

Performance bonus pool: $2M


Once the team operates above $68M, they have $3M in salary relief, and $2M in performance bonus relief pools.

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I assume we still owe the buy out/cap hit and LTIR does not impact that retroactively.


Considering that decision seems to have been the product of a lot of testing and consideration over some time, as opposed to something quick and obvious, I hope this is precautionary.


I feel a little guilty to benefit from this by probably never seeing him in another uniform.

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"The King"!! What terrible news. From my own experience, the feelings and consequences can be life threatening. It surely will alter his future. The best of luck to a player that will go down in history as one of the all-time greats who gave his all. There aren't enough adjectives to describe the type of person that he is. The best to you " King ". Always think positive!!!
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Only concern I have is that he figures out a way to deal with his heart issue and the best way forward for himself and his family.



Hope he has a long healthful life, of course. And now his tenure with the Caps figures to be an answer to a trivia question rather than reality.

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Had the same thought. Since he couldn't play under the contract, even with the buyout, is there any way to get cap relief?


I think they are screwed but I suppose the only hope would be a grievance since he never played a second for his new team. Highly unlikely and would be a messy unnecessary situation.

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