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Ballsy Predictions - 2020 Playoffs Edition


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Rules: You get to make EXACTLY ONE prediction about the 2019-2020 New York Rangers Playoffs. It must be less than obvious.


Most off-the-wall truth at the end of the postseason wins nothing rep. Yes — I am asking for incredible foresight here, seeing as few as five days in the future or as many as 2 months.


Oh, and no repeat predictions. If someone beats you to the punch, so be it.


I'll start: Kakko will score more points in the playoffs than he did thus far in 2020.

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This is all nonsense hockey that shouldn't be getting played. Preseason was a month away. We've had more off time then an offseason has and now we're going to have teams play one preseason game and then decide the cup? That would be like starting a season with the playoffs. Asinine. My ballsy prediction is the Rangers lose two more of these joke games to the Canes and then win the draft lottery to at least get something useful out of this debacle.
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In that spirit, I predict SportsNet viewership in Ontario @ 14 people for the SCF after the Leafs are put out, who, as of Saturday, had three hardcore fans in my group of friends who didn't even know who they were playing lol.
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it should be on the table though. All the signs are there.


I think it's fair to judge some of his coaching decisions, I have, but what good of a roster has he really had to work with? He's coached the team in a year where everyone knew where they would be bad, and another where they slightly exceeded expectations while still mostly being bad, and still got to play in the postseason when they otherwise might not have. The coach isn't the biggest issue. Very far from it.

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