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Georgiev to Toronto?


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While discussing Toronto's need for a backup goaltender on Hockey Central at Noon today, Justin Bourne raised Georgiev by name. I've paraphrased the conversation below:


Bourne: "An interesting one that I had heard mentioned was Georgiev with the Rangers. They have Shestyorkin in the American league who is lighting it up. They have to make room for him at some point, so maybe [Georgiev is] an option?"


Marek: "The problem with that is he will not be cheap."


The situation with Hutchinson ? 0-5-1 with a .876 SV% and a 4.55 GA/A ? is dire and there's really very little available to them internally. The biggest problem, of course, is the cap situation between the two clubs. Toronto is especially tight with Marner returning any day now, but Georgiev is in the final year of his ELC that pays him a mere $792,500.


Bourne is absolutely right about Shestyorkin. He leads the entire AHL in GA/A (2.05) and is fourth in SV% (0.927). I'm not sure the Rangers' feel the same pressure to get him to the NHL right away that the Leafs likely do to get a competent backup secured, but there's certainly enough here to entertain the idea, no?

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I said this a month ago to my buddy who?s a leafs fan. It makes too much sense for the leafs. The question is, who do they send back? Georgiev is better than your average backup.
But we have no leverage there. Everyone knows we've got to move him.
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Kapanen > Johnsson


Think it would be bigger? Something with Kreider, too?


I was thinking Georgiev and Kreider (retained enough so the salaries offset for the Leafs) for Johnsson and a 2nd or a B prospect. Kreider for Johnsson reminds me a lot of Brassard for Zibanejad. Just not sure Leafs go for anything Kreider related since they probably wouldn't be able to re-sign him.


Quinn would love Johnsson.



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This might be true but I don't think we're in the same dire position, at this point, to move Georgiev as they are to find another affordable goalie.


Agree with this. At this rate the leafs backup is going to lose them around 14 more games. That alone will cost them a playoff spot. They need to stop the bleeding somehow. Rangers can wait until whenever to move Georgie for the right return

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Those two guys are just more of we have in spades, anyways. Smallish, heady, puck movers with defensive questions.


There's not much there I really like, anymore. Robertson maybe, but there's Leaf hype driving that story. They won't move Mikheyev. They don't have picks to move, really.


Maybe Robertson's teammate in Peterborough, whose name I won't even attempt.

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Here is a question, while I get making room now for Shesterkin, where does he stand for the expansion draft if he starts playing this season? If they have to make him available, you know he is getting picked.


He’s ineligible based on NA pro seasons played regardless of how many games he plays this season. It’s based on AHL and NHL. He’ll be 2 years and under by the time of draft which is the criteria for ineligibility.

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