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The Athletic: Breaking Down Kaapo Kakko’s Unique Blend of Skill and Power


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yup second that.


I mean, hell the kids got all the tools to be something special. He's done it at every level and if he brings the grit he's previously displayed he'll be a god on broadway. This will not happen overnight as he's in the best league on earth now, but its going to be a hell of a lot of fun to watch him develop. Scary thing is the kid's 18, imagine how he fills out after the next 2 seasons.


I would have taken him at 1, if we had the pick. something about the way the Finn's develop there talent intrigues me.

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I watched a 13-14 minute highlight video from the Worlds. I can’t believe the Rangers got this kid.


I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited to see a guy play for the Rangers since they signed Gaborik. That lottery ball changed everything, and that we get to enjoy watching a supremely talented forward and not wonder how we're going to sign him away from a small market team when he hits free agency is....new and exciting.

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I kinda talked myself into thinking less about Kakko as the summer went on. Kinda like preparing myself for the worst. Then he went to Traverse City and had two mediocre periods and I thought, okay, he's just a prospect like anyone else. It'll take time....


And then he singlehandedly won the game and my excitement from the draft came all the way back. I wish I could read the article but I'm so amped on this kid, it's crazy. Hearing beat writers say he loves the attention makes me even more excited.

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I kinda talked myself into thinking less about Kakko as the summer went on.


Same experience here, just when I talk myself down a bit, something happens to get me tremendously excited about it. Imagine waiting for a first preseason game like it was a date with the woman of your dreams.

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