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BSBH 2019-20 Fantasy Hockey: Roll Call


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I'm set to renew our league as early as today, but I need to know ASAP if any of our players/members from last season cannot or do not wish to participate again this year. All members must not only be prepared to pay their dues, but CANNOT live in the following States (which bar payment):


Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada and Washington. Canada also does not permit online payment.


The list of participants from last season is as follows:


1 / Grimson Reapers — Phil in Absentia

2 / Advanced Stastny — Morphinity

3 / Lozo's Sighs — High and Wide

4 / Nylander's Neighbor — Scotty Gomez

5 / Puck Bunnies — fletch

6 / skaters and haters — phillyb

7 / The Replacements — Lt. Dan

8 / War Machine — Long live the King

9 / Russian Meddling — josh

10 / Puck daddy — lefty9

11 / Bro's Before Hossa — Puck Head

12 / Nothing Like AHO — CardiacCanes06


Once we have a finalized list, I can renew and we can get things started.




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Absolutely not. It makes for a miserable season. One injury or scoring slump and you're picking up fourth-liners who happened to score a goal or two in their last ten games.


12 teams is ideal. If we have enough interest, I'm happy to do a second league again.

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